The Paranoid Wackos Were Right

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I’ve never been a fan of conspiracy theories and I’ve always thought tales of secret government programs to enslave the population to be stupid. Government is big, ponderous and stupid. It is a sledgehammer when it works at all. The sort of precision needed to micromanage the population has never been observed in government. The Soviets tried the hardest, but failed to do any more than murder anyone who go out of line. The NORKS have taken the state murder thing to another level, it seems, but plenty of the little buggers escape every year to tell me they are not good at monitoring everyone.

Anyway, I may need to update my views on these things. A story like this shows how even the blunt instrument of the state can be wielded like a sensitive instrument. A lunatic cop or cops can tap into the metastasizing database of the leviathan to learn all sorts of things about anyone they see. As more and more of our data is linked into the Borg, the easier it becomes for the lowest rung of the surveillance state to push around the citizenry. This fat cop did not act on his own. It is the policy of the cops in Maryland to harass gun owners. I’ve had it happen to me, on a smaller scale. He could never have done anything like this ten years ago. It won’t be long before agents of the state will be able to pull up your medical history at routine traffic stops.  Imagine what the more intelligent layer of the Borg can do with this information.

This story from last week I blogged about shows the way. Linking your DNA to an electronic ID like a Bitcoin would solve a lot of the technical hurdles for the surveillance state. DNA is unique and Bitcoin is unique. You can’t fake either one so it is impervious to counterfeiting if it your official ID. All of your transactions would then require some of your DNA, which could be as little as a few skin cells. The technology is not there yet, but within the decade it will be ready. That means everywhere you go can be tracked. All of your spending can be tracked. Put monitors in the home like this one and smart appliances from other global partners of the governmentmultinational corporations and suddenly were all bugs in a terrarium.

It turns out the paranoid lunatics of yesteryear were right after all.

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