How U.S. Society Fundamentally Transforms When Illegals Randomly Execute Citizens

July 4, 2015

How U.S. society fundamentally transforms when illegals randomly execute citizens

By Newsmachete

Horrific news: a young woman in San Francisco named Kathryn Steinle was executed, seemingly at random for no reason, by an illegal alien named Francisco Sanchez.  Sanchez, who had been deported five times and had seven felony convictions, was released by San Francisco police on March 26 after being arrested on a drug charge.  The police and ICE are pointing fingers at each other, but in fact both are complicit in dropping the ball and letting these foreign killers roam freely.  

When Kathryn Steinle was killed, she wasn’t killed walking in the Tenderloin or one of San Francisco’s notoriously dangerous neighborhoods; she was in a very well-traveled tourist area around the Ferry Building, near the Embarcadero.  Steinle also wasn’t walking in the middle of the night; it was only 6:30 PM and bright and sunny, as it is in the summer.  She also had no connection to Sanchez.  In other words, she hadn’t done anything “wrong” or even risky, but simply lived her life as a normal person would.  Her only “mistake” was walking in what she thought was one of the safest parts of San Francisco at the same time as Sanchez, when in reality there are no safe areas.  This “mistake” cost her her life.

All the conservative blogs will talk about the obvious folly of the illegal alien invasion here, but I want to talk about something different: how all these waves of illegal aliens have changed our society.

When you cross a street at a red light, do you check to see if a stopped car might try to run you over?  When you go to an ATM, do you keep an eye on the line of people behind you to make sure no one sticks a knife in your back?  When you walk down the main street of your town, do you get an itchy feeling between your shoulder blades for fear that someone behind you might shoot you?

Chances are that in most neighborhoods, you don’t.  It’s because you know that your fellow citizens have been socialized to respect life and not to harm others.  The few who aren’t socialized property, who are violent and just plain evil, are locked up in jail (one hopes).  By living in a society without predators, we can walk around without fear and live and trust in a civil society.

But when a country doesn’t enforce its borders, and lets anyone in without being screened, bad things will happen.  When 20 million people decide to come here, even if 1% are violently dangerous, that’s 200,000 people.  If that number is 5%, it’s 1,000,000 people.

We know that the people coming across the borders aren’t computer programmers and bioethicists.  They are largely illiterate, with few or no skills, and some have affiliations with criminal and drug enterprises.  And some are simply violently crazy.  There is no check on any of them.  If caught, they are usually released without question, and in the increasingly infrequent times they are deported, they simply come back, since it is so easy to do.  Donald Trump is pilloried for pointing this out, but you can bet that the SF Police and ICE will not take 1% of the criticism that he has in the past week.

What Steinle’s death means is that the fabric of society is coming apart. There is no longer any area you can be “safe” in.  The police in major cities are complicit, averting their eyes from these illegal alien killers.  The free and safe America that we knew is slipping away at a faster and faster rate.  When San Francisco and other major cities start becoming as dangerous as Mexico City, we have all lost an alarming number of our liberties.

And when we lose the safety of walking on the street, civil society starts to collapse.  The loss of trust encompasses not merely fear of walking outside; it extends to business, contracts, the courts, the protection of private property.  That’s why no amount of foreign investment can make Karachi look like Singapore.  The trust and security needed for a civil society simply isn’t there.  And that’s where American society is headed.  It’s ironic that the millions of illegals coming here to flee their failed system are contributing to the destruction of our own.

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