A Reagan Forum with Carly Fiorina — 7/27/15

The full text of Carly’s speech can be found here This is from the comments – Finally, someone who doesn’t have to “self-identify” as a woman, running for president.

Here is a brief part of the speech. Watch the whole thing

“I see a world in dire need of American leadership. I see President Obama and Secretary Clinton always speaking in terms of ambivalence and shades of gray, offering false choices and raising the shadow of doubt about our will to lead.

“The next President of the United States must reestablish our leadership—she must speak with clarity, accept that some things are black and white and act with courage. She must be prepared to challenge the status quo and change the way things are—whether in Washington or around the world.”

“This administration’s blind eye to aggression has become a black eye for America. When we do not stand with our allies nor confront our adversaries, our friends lose courage and our enemies press forward. I know you are outraged. Sick of a professional political class that lectures and harangues —and never actually says anything at all.”

“As you are all aware, I am not a member of the professional political class. But I do have extensive national security and foreign policy experience. I have served as the Chairman of the CIA’s External Advisory Board and I have advised Secretaries of State and Defense as well as the NSA and Department of Homeland Security. I have done so with the highest civilian security clearances.

“As President, I will not wait until things have reached the crisis level….Here’s what I will do as Commander in Chief. First, we must have the strongest military on the face of the planet and everyone has to know it. This will take both an investment in our military and a reform of the Defense Department….We need to overhaul the VA from top to bottom. It is a stain on our nation’s honor”

“On my first day in the Oval Office, I will make two phone calls. The first will be to my friend Bibi Netanyahu. I will reassure him that the United States will always stand with the State of Israel.

“My second call will be to the Supreme Leader of Iran. He might not take the call, but he will get the message. I will tell him: New deal. Unless and until Iran opens itself to full and unfettered inspections of all nuclear and military facilities, we are going to make it very hard for Iran to move money around the global financial system. U.S. companies should not be profiting off of this murderous regime. The next President of the United States will have a lot to do with whether Apple and McDonald’s are doing business in Tehran.

“These two calls are also signals that the United States is back in the leadership business. I will not call Vladimir Putin. We have talked way too much to him. But he too will get the message.”

“In order to defeat ISIS, we must be willing to call it what it is: Islamic extremism.”

“I know the Chinese now possess all my personal information. This is more than a bureaucratic failing. The Chinese now possess incredibly valuable intelligence information.The answer from the political class is to demand the resignation of the head of OPM. But what has been done to protect us from future cyberattacks? Has anything changed?”

“And let’s not forget our former Secretary of State told us her private server was protected from hacking because she had two Secret Service agents guarding it….It is the height of hypocrisy for Hillary Clinton to run for President as a champion of women’s rights when her record as Secretary of State is this dismal.”

“We need a President who will see and speak and act on the truth. We need a President who knows that some things are black and white and who will be a clear-eyed advocate for policies formed by principles, not by polls and politics.

“We need a President who will reassure our allies that we are a friend who can be trusted and who will show our adversaries that we will not be bullied or intimidated. We must nominate and elect a president who proudly accepts the mantel of leadership that a weary world is eager for us to wear.

“I know what such leadership requires. I will recognize dangers with eyes wide open but will also embrace with open arms the enormous opportunities and potential of these amazing times.”

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